What is BA Program?

This is a special program, for the financial development of both individual and the company who join as a Business Associate with PBC.

PBC offers an Active income and a passive income to our BA’s.

Active income will be rewarded to the BAs on every month, and the passive income will be added on to the BA’s account along with various multidimensional incentive scheme.

They can be withdrawn by the BAs on the maturity point of income which is 1 CR or at the request of a BA.

The aim of this program is to strengthen marketing division of PBC.

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How you will get income as a BA?

Active income:
We are a Human development, Company.
We offer several Products and Services from our group of companies along with our clients and other associates. We are also planning to initiate some manufacturing businesses alongside. We are expecting a good marketing support from our BAs. Any business that is done through a BA can generate a percent of commission added on to his BA account. Which can be withdrawn on every month before 15TH. We are planning incorporate more business activities on the go, so you can earn a good income on every month.

Passive income:
Another revenue what we offer is a passive income, which is entirely based on company profit. There is a priority rate for passive income, a person who joins first will reach the maturity point (1 CR.) first, also people can with draw fund on their request. Passive income is the highlight of this program as well as it will act as a saving fund and you can withdraw it at any point of this program. When you with draw passive income your priority level become changed. There is an important role in your priority level.

What are our current products/Services?
We are a Human Development Company focusing on the financial development of people by Educating, Skill Training, carrier placements, and also providing support for entrepreneurship. We are mainly into the service sector however we are planning to start manufacturing and marketing as well. The strengthening of marketing division will enable you to earn more income.

What are the benefits in joining the BA programme?
You will get a Passive and Active source of income. You will get a Flexible Working Hours Company will start an Insurance Scheme for Business associates. Company will provide more rewards, and incentive for efficient Business Associates.

What are the duties of business Associates.
PBC is expecting Marketing support from the Business Associates, following are the minimum support required from BA.
1. Attend every month training programme.
2. Understand the product and service list and share/sell through social media.
3. Buy maximum PBC products for self-use and give feed back to the company.
4. Share PBC marketing posts and videos
5. Add at least 2 Business associates if you feel it good program, your percentage of income will be increased when you add 2 BA.
6. Communicate to your friends and family to get more reach of PBC.
7. Frequently watch company site and social media for more updates.
8. Follow the guidance from the marketing and business development departments.
9. Support for marketing survey

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